This is for the beginners or those who wants to start earning some extra cash as well as other rewards from the comfort of your home. 

 You will need to sign up for PayPal.  So when you want to redeem for cash on some sites, you will get payment to your account. You can use it to buy stuff online that accepts PayPal or transfer to your bank for free. You can sign up for a Paypal Debit Mastercard to use as well.
Suggestion: If you don't want your current email loaded with a bunch of emails, make a new email for you to use for earning on sites.  You will need to check it often as well.
1.  Go To and register.
2. Link your bank account and you credit card. You can transfer funds from your bank or  transfer your PayPal funds to your bank at anytime.
3. Verify it your account.